I would highly recommend Sarah as a birth doula to any expecting couple! Sarah’s compassionate, kind and calm personality combined with deep knowledge about birth and delivery brought us to our ultimate goal of a natural hospital delivery free of any medical intervention. We decided to hire a birth doula pretty late - around 37th week of pregnancy. Fortunately for us, we got a recommendation to reach out to Sarah, and she was available and willing to help. We had a very nice initial communication including phone conversations, texts and a prenatal visit where we discussed the goals for our baby’s birth, coping techniques, laboring positions, strategy for the delivery day, and a lot more. Sarah was able to answer all of our questions and reassured us of any doubts we had. Since then, we were updating Sarah about our weekly prenatal appointments and the progression of the pregnancy. On the due date, the labor started. Sarah was readily available via texts and arrived to our home as soon as we asked for it. Her advice about breathing, positions, and strategy for the car ride to the hospital were invaluable. She brought the birthing ball and other helpful tools. Sarah was an active participant of the labor, helping us physically and emotionally every step of the way. While at the hospital, Sarah’s knowledge really helped us to go through all stages of labor and properly communicate with the hospital staff to avoid any medical interventions. Sarah’s reassurance helped us to go through this painful and tough process without even thinking about pain medications. It was a beautiful experience! Postpartum, Sarah visited us at home and checked on our baby’s and our wellbeing. We cannot be happier about our decision to hire Sarah as a birth doula. We wouldn’t be able to make it without her calm presence and reliable knowledge. Five stars to Sarah!!!
— Nadia & Carlos

Thank you so much for your support during Eli’s birth. It would not have been possible to have the experience that we had (and that we had hoped for going into the birth) without your calm, supportive presence, and we will be forever grateful for that. Your intuition in knowing what I needed every step of that way was spot on. We will be sure to share your name with friends looking for a doula in the future!
— Christine & Aaron
We found Sarah to be very accommodating, knowledgeable, and calming not only during the labor and delivery process, but also in the days leading up to the due date of our first child. With her guidance, we felt comfortable asking the OB to delay induction by a week. After that week had passed and we ended up getting induced, the labor was long and difficult. Sarah was with us at the hospital almost nonstop for close to 24 hours, and with every choice of intervention we were offered, she was there to point out the advantages and disadvantages and suggest alternate paths. We were amazed at her composure, even when everyone else in the room was far from composed! Sarah’s services are well worth her reasonable fee if your goal is an unmedicated or (as in our case) a semi-medicated birth, or if you just want to feel in charge of your own birthing experience.
— Miranda and Shaun
Thank you for being a wonderful part of our son’s birth. We are so grateful to have had your support through the experience. Thanks in large part to you, we have a birth story that is positive and one we can be proud of, despite the challenges. Your care and consideration throughout that day is greatly appreciated, as well as your ability to keep us informed during various situations. Your presence was a calming force and we will be forever thankful.
— Nichole & David