Sarah Gormley


photographer, birth educator & Doula

My journey as a birth worker began alongside work as a trauma-informed yoga instructor, where I was first introduced to the amazing benefits of having a knowledgeable, compassionate doula present during birth. What began as a passion for building loving trust in the female body has grown into a deep commitment to empowering women in informed decision-making about their bodies and for their babies, and encouraging confidence in their astonishing abilities as mothers. I truly believe that a positive birth experience fosters a sense of feminine pride, power and creativity that can change the world.

I am also a professional birth photographer, certified vinyasa, perinatal and trauma-informed yoga instructor, and childbirth educator (CLE). Yoga & mindfulness have had my heart since my mother brought me to my first yoga class as a young girl. Other things that have my heart include my sweet pitbull rescue, backyard chickens, ducks & bees, digging my hands in the earth, cooking with food grown from the garden and making things out of clay.