My name is Sarah, and I'm a birth photographer, childbirth educator and doula.


What I believe in

My journey as a birth worker began alongside work as a trauma-informed yoga instructor, where I was first introduced to the amazing benefits of having a knowledgeable, compassionate doula present during birth. What began as a passion for building loving trust in the female body has grown into a deep commitment to empowering women in informed decision-making about their bodies and for their babies, and encouraging confidence in their astonishing abilities as mothers. I truly believe that a positive birth experience fosters a sense of feminine pride, power and creativity that can change the world.


"True beauty is a woman using her platform to inspire, empower and uplift other women."

— NADIA newman


My Mission



I believe that all women deserve access to affordable childbirth education so that they can be empowered in making informed choices for their birth. I am deeply passionate about providing doula support for all mothers, regardless of what they can allocate financially towards those services. 

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Birth Photography

For the past five years, I've worked as a destination wedding photographer, interested in unique photographs that capture authentic, natural beauty. As I find a home in birth photography, I a continue to strive for honest, reflective, creative & visually inspiring imagery. I am honored to witness and document such hopeful and transformative expressions of love through my work.

My photography has been featured in Rangefinder Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, A Practical Wedding, Offbeat Bride, Rock n Roll Bride and Yoga Journal. 

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