Balanced Birth: Yoga-Infused Childbirth Education

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Balanced Birth: Yoga-Infused Childbirth Education

  • Reimagining Birth

  • Trusting Your Intuition

  • Building Your Birth Team

  • Holistic Pregnancy

  • Building Body Knowledge/Anatomy

  • Effacement, Dilation & Fetal Positioning

  • Ecstatic Hormones of Birth

  • Common Interventions

  • Stages of Labor & What to Expect

  • Managing the Intensity of Labor

  • Relaxation & Sound

  • Breath & Visualization

  • Movement & Positions

  • Birth Partner Tips

  • Planning for the Postpartum Period

  • Mother Ritual Celebration

Balanced Birth is an integrative approach to childbirth education, which combines prenatal yoga and mindfulness with evidence-based information to prepare women mentally, emotionally and physically for the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Seeking to support women in informed decision-making for their bodies and their babies, Balanced Birth helps students to build body knowledge, gain an understanding of medical terminology, procedures and interventions, and determine their own preferences for birth. Alongside prenatal yoga and mindfulness, students will become familiar with body and breath awareness, relaxation techniques and labor positions to cope with the pain of childbirth. Birth art, journaling and writing circles are incorporated to hold space for students to explore their own thoughts and emotions around pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Balanced Birth is honored to foster a circle of compassionate, nonjudgemental support around all expectant mothers and birth partners.